Castrol Valvemaster



Castrol Valvemaster Lead Replacement

This Classic Valvemaster Plus Lead Replacement Additive is a fuel additive developed for classic cars who’s engines were designed to run on leaded fuel. Valvemaster Plus is the best form of protection after lead. It protects against valve seat recession, cleans the fuel system and protects against corrosion. It also contains Octimise-Plus which is a friction modifier to reduce wear in the engine system and also for better acceleration and economy.

Increases fuel economy by up to 2%
Increases acceleration by up to 3%
Keeps your fuel system clean and protects against corrosion
The additive contains Etha-Guard which is an ethanol stabiliser that enables the use of E5 and E10 petrol in pre 1996 vehicles. It also prevents corrosion build up in your fuel system and also prevents acidity in ethanol fuel.

The bottle includes a measuring / dispensing top so you add the right amount to your tank. Ideal for high performance classics

250ml bottle – treats 250 litres of fuel.

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