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Hardi Fuel Pumps

Car models

Magnette III 1959-1961

Magnett MK IV 1964-1967


Voltage (V):12

Connection (mm): 8
Capacity Liter/Hour :60-80l/h
Capacity LPM – British gallon per hour: 13.2 – 17.6
Temperature range (°C): -40 +80
Pressure (bar): 0,13-0,20
Pressure (psi): 1.8 – 2.9
Pumping height max. (m): 1.5

Hardi Fuel Pump 13312


The Ses 13312 Hardi Fuel pump

Suitable for universal use and for each engine type
Easy to install (assembly instructions are enclosed)


All models 1954-1958

Twincam 1958


Voltage 12

Physical specifications
Type Universal
Pressure/bar 0.2
Capacity – l/h 120
Fuel Gasoline
Thread Out R-1/4″
Further information
Servicing Bobcat
Remarks Suction 0.2 bar = 2.7 mtr. Fitting instruction included.


TF,TF 1500 1962

1600 1962

Magnette B 1962

Oxford Series II 1954

Oxford Series III 1957

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Midget MK II 1964

1100 1964-1967

MCB 1964

Midget MK III 1968

MG 1300 1968

MG Series MGB 1.81 ltr

MC Magnetta MK IV

1800 1966-1967



Feeding capacity: 80-100l/h
pressure in bar: 0,18-0,26
starting voltage: 9,0-9,5V
nominal voltage: 12V
current consumption: 1,5-1,9A
suction height: < 1,5m.
weight: 840g
nozzle: 8mm movable

suitable for engines up to 100hp

Hardi Fuel Pump 14412


The electrical HARDI Fuel Pump is a diaphragm pump. Opposed to mechanical fuel pumps it has its own propulsion (an electric motor or a solenoid coil), which ensures a smooth functioning independent of the engine.


All Models 1953

Midget MK III 1967



Feeding capacity: 60-80l/h
pressure in bar: 0,13-0,20
starting voltage: 9,0-9,5V
nominal voltage: 12V
current consumption: 1,5-1,9A
suction height: <1,5mtr.
weight: about 900g
nozzle: 2 x R1/4″ outside

Hardi fuel pumps pristine parts

Advantages of Hardi Fuel pumps

  • All HARDI-Pumps are self-priming
  • All HARDI-Pumps are interference-suppressed
  • All HARDI-Pumps are applicable for various fuels: premium-grade petrol, petrol, diesel, methanol- and ethanol containing fuels.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are available as 12 volt or 24 volt pumps. Particular models are also available with 6 volt.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are cold-resistant up to -40°C and heat-resistant up to +80°C.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are protected against corrosion, maintenance free and have a very long lifetime.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are easy to install.