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Hardi Fuel Pumps

Car models


GTA 1970-


Feeding capacity: 80-100l/h
pressure in bar: 0,18-0,26
starting voltage: 9,0-9,5V
nominal voltage: 12V
current consumption: 1,5-1,9A
suction height: < 1,5m.
weight: 840g
nozzle: 8mm movable

suitable for engines up to 100hp

Hardi Fuel Pump 14412

Hardi Fuel Pump 14412


The electrical HARDI Fuel Pump is a diaphragm pump. Opposed to mechanical fuel pumps it has its own propulsion (an electric motor or a solenoid coil), which ensures a smooth functioning independent of the engine.

Car models

Mini Automatic 1967-1968

A110 Westminster 1967

4 cyl 1100 MKII 1967-1968

4 cyl Mini MKII 1967-1968



Voltage (V):12
Connection (mm): 8
Capacity Liter/Hour :60-80l/h
Capacity LPM – British gallon per hour: 13.2 – 17.6
Temperature range (°C): -40 +80
Pressure (bar): 0,13-0,20
Pressure (psi): 1.8 – 2.9
Pumping height max. (m): 1.5

Hardi Fuel Pump 13312Hardi fuel pump 13312

Hardi Fuel Pump 13312


The Ses 13312 Hardi Fuel pump

Suitable for universal use and for each engine type
Easy to install (assembly instructions are enclosed)


  • Giulia 1964
  • Giulietta 1964

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Hardi fuel pumps pristine parts

Advantages of Hardi Fuel pumps

  • All HARDI-Pumps are self-priming
  • All HARDI-Pumps are interference-suppressed
  • All HARDI-Pumps are applicable for various fuels: premium-grade petrol, petrol, diesel, methanol- and ethanol containing fuels.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are available as 12 volt or 24 volt pumps. Particular models are also available with 6 volt.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are cold-resistant up to -40°C and heat-resistant up to +80°C.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are protected against corrosion, maintenance free and have a very long lifetime.
  • All HARDI-Pumps are easy to install.