123 Ignition

The 123\GB-4-R-V 123\GB-4-R-V-POS

Both are 4 Cylinder

  • Most 4 cylinder Aston Martins

The 123\GB-6-R-V  and the 123\GB-6-R-V-POS

Both are 6 Cylinder and work with the following models


  • Most 6 cylinder Aston Martins

123 Ignition Tune

123 ignitions tune usb

The 123 Tune-4-R-V-G

Works with 4 cylinder  Aston Martins

  • Most Aston Martin cars

123 Ignition Tune+

The 123 Tune+-4-R-V-G

4 Cylinder

  • Most Aston Martins

The 123 Tune+-6-R-V-G

Works with 6 Cylinder models

  • Most Aston Martin’s

Fitting service

We can offer a fitting service for your 123 Ignition in your classic or vintage car.  This work is carried out by Pristine Classics , who specialize in vintage and classic car restorations. Please be aware we can only offer this service for those located in the republic of Ireland.

Software & Apps

123 Ignition Tune+ Apps


App for IOS: 123\Tune  (link to App Store opens in new window) requires iPhone/IPad/iPod 4+ or newer
App for Android: 123\Tune+  (link to Google Play Store opens in new window) requires Android 4.4 and up and a device with bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher

123 Ignition Tune Software

123 ignitions tune usb

latest software: 123\TUNE  version 2.3.1 (6 MB installer for Windows)